mentor circles

What the heck is a mentor circle?

A group of 3-5 women small business owners mentored in a 2-hour workshop style setting. Each mentor circle will have a specific topic so it aligns with what YOU need most! 


Why a mentor circle vs. a workshop?

I will be mentoring and giving you feedback on YOUR business specifically. You can sit though an hour workshop on social media & you can learn a lot, but when it's applied to YOU specifically it's so much more powerful and useful. You also get the opportunity to learn from others and utilize those insights to help you!



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Be a Content Queen //

"Brand storytelling isn't about advertising/selling it's about providing value."

This is perfect for anyone who feels they need a little help in the social media deptartment and looking to level up. In this mentor circle, you will be mentored on your business in the following areas:

  • A social audit of your biz specifically and what you can do to enhance your social game and your Instagram bio!

  • Defining what content areas you should be focusing on to provide VALUE to your audience and get your audience to know, like, and trust you.

  • Getting specific on your communication style: HOW you speak to your audience/clients!

  • Tips, tricks, and tools to creating more content with less.

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Brand Storyboard //

"You don't build a brand, you become one."


This is perfect for anyone who is in the beginning of their business journey, maybe hasn't even started yet, hasn't gotten the traction they thought they would, and is looking to level up! In this mentor circle, you will be mentored on your business in the following areas:

  • Who you are & who you want to be?

  • What's your why?

  • What are your "brand bites"?

  • Defining your niche: WHO are you speaking to?

  • HOW are you serving them?

  • What's your visual brand story?