3 Productivity Hacks To Get Sh^& Done

Ok, let's talk productivity. One of the most common things I hear, especially from other small biz owners is..."I don't have enough time." But I'm going to challenge you here. You likely DO have the time to get the things you've been wanting to do.

1 // Audit your day.

I want you to take a day (or week) and audit where you spend your time...log where you spend your time and how quickly you transition from task to task. How often do you get distracted? What eats up most of your time? Are those tasks profit-driven tasks? Is there anything holding up your time that you can outsource or stop doing all together? What brings you joy throughout the day? Are you spending your time on the things that are going to move the needle in your biz/work or just "busy" work? Are you accomplishing things or just "working on" things?

If you audit and document a day or two...you'll really see where you spend your time. We likely have this vision in our heads that we are "so busy" but when we really audit our time, we realize we can rearrange some things and aren't optizming our day as best we could.

2 // Make binary goals.

I've recently started this and LOVE it. It really holds be accountable and makes me more productive. I do this with smaller tasks I want to accomplish. Binary goals are essentially small tiny actions that you either did or didn't do. I recommend making 2-3 daily/weekly goals. And the things that you want to improve or work on.

Examples are: meditate for 5 minutes daily, workout 3x a week, post to IG stories daily, blog once a week, etc.

These are super helpful for productivity because it keeps you focused on a FEW things instead of getting overwhelmed with #AllTheThings.

3 // Turn off notifications!

Ok, we know we should be doing this one...but we don't. I swear turning off your notifications for all social and even text messages for chunks of the day will increase your productivity x10. I recently started doing this and I rarely look at my phone. All my notifications will be waiting for me when I log in. We easily get distracted by the dings and notifications....so turn them off. Just for one day...and watch your focus and productivity skyrocket.

I hope these three things helped you and gave you some ideas on how to better optimize your time!



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