5 Things I Wish I Knew When Starting My Biz

So these 5 things are less tactical business tips and more over arching themes I wish I knew when I started my business over 2 years ago. I hope you find them insightful, actionable, and eye opening. Let's get to it...

1 // Learning how to turn the hustle on and off

I will always be of the Gary Vee mindset and hustling. It's how I got to where I am today. If I didn't hustle, I wouldn't have gotten very far or it would've taken even longer. HOWEVER, what I will say is that knowing when to turn the hustle ON and OFF is life changing. In my first year it was go go go and I basically buried myself. In year two, I slowly realized I had to know when to PAUSE. This is huge. It allows me to recharge and refocus for the "hustle" times. I know there's a lot out there right now about devaluing the hustle life, and I totally get it, but if I'm being truthfully honest, you have to hustle AT TIMES (key word there) in order to see some outcome. I don't think you'll see much results if you're not actually doing work. But if I could go back and tell myself something at the beginning, it would be that it is OKAY to pause and it's a MUST in order to be more efficient turning the hustle times.


Along the same lines of knowing when to pause, I wish I had known to ask for help earlier on. Ask your family, your best friend, anyone!! I bet they are willing to help you, especially for free in the beginning. It will go SUCH a long way. At the end of last year I asked my sister to start helping when things got overwhelming and it's been huge. It's hard to let things go but this year I'm determined to get more off my plate to make room for other things.

3// Find a tribe!

A like-minded entrepreneurial tribe...people that understand the side hustle life, that you can ask questions to, confide in, that can give you the confidence you may be lacking. Surround yourself with good vibes and amazing people. It WILL help propel you forward. I just started doing that this year and I wish it was something I had started on day one. You will gain friendship, knowledge, and so much more.


We do this so so much. Who cares what people think of your business, yourself, what you say or do. IT'S YOUR business. It's YOUR story. And it may not be for them, and that's okay. Don't be afraid to put something out there, especially on social. Only about 10% of your audience is even seeing your posts (wah wah instagram)! It's like going to a yoga class...you think everyone is watching you and judging you....and trust me, they are NOT. And if they are...do you even care what that person has to say? IF they are willing to be judgmental to someone who is just out there trying to do something? So go do you, be you, and stop thinking so damn much. 

5// Stop fretting over the little things.

Honestly, no one cares what your logo looks like, or the colors, or any of that. YES, I believe branding is super important. YES, I am super crazy about picking fonts. But really, you or your product/service are the only thing that really matters. Stop waiting to put stuff out into the world just because you don't have the perfect logo yet. I look at some of the most successful people out there...and their IG feed is "ugly", they don't even have a logo, whatever. But I still love them and follow them. Because of WHO they are. Like I said, of course I feel having a full cohesive brand is great and all, so don't get me wrong, I just think it's not what you should be focused on especially in the beginning (unless of course you're biz is branding!). Also, you can always evolve. Who says you can't change your font or brand colors a year after you launch? It's your business, that's the joy, you can do whatever you want.

So those are the 5 things I wish I had known when starting my biz. I hope at least one of them helped you and you take some action based on it. Have a great day friends.

You can find me at @amanda.adamcheck and @kilohandco on Instagram!