Doing the work is the shortcut.

The top question I get asked from new biz “what do I do next?” And the answer can be a bunch of different things, but it all comes down to just DOing.

Sometimes in the beginning we get paralyzed by decisions and such tiny things (that we don’t realize are tiny until later on!) and we don’t really end up doing anything to move the needle.

Were there times when I wish I did something differently when I first started? Yes, of course. Do I wish I had the resources and tribe I do now? Double YES. But I sure wouldn’t be sitting here where I am if I didn’t just DO and grow THROUGH it.

In order to GROW, you have to DO. You won’t know what works for you, what doesn’t, what you enjoy, what you hate....if you don’t get out there and start trying things.

You never know what ONE thing will catapult your biz if you’re not DOing something. Take those ideas and turn into action. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Spoiler alert. It never will be.

You will learn, you will evolve, and you will adapt. But you will not build your brand with a pretty’ll become your brand. Through messy, crazy, exciting, inspired ACTION.

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