Frustrated with the IG algorithm? 10 things you can do to make sales + gain momentum (big MO'!)

Annoyed with the lack of organic reach on IG? Cool, me too. BUT I will not just sit around and complain about it. I'm in charge of my own momentum and 👏 SO 👏ARE 👏YOU.

When IG goes down, yes, my sales are impacted because I get a ton of traffic from social. Of course, I also have organic search, direct to website sales, emails, Pinterest, and some other places where I hang out, so it's not everything...BUT it's a huge traffic driver.

So when IG went down this past week, and my 4th of July promo wasn't getting seen (literally at all because it wouldn't post), I immediately sent an email to my list that generated 8 sales. Nothing crazy, but not a bad day.

You can get frustrated with IG OR you can realize you're in control and get big MO' on your side (mo = momentum, just go with me here).

Here are a list of 10 things you can start doing to help generate sales and momentum by being PROACTIVE!

1. Send an email to your list.

Don't have one? Start one.

2. Do an in-person show or pop-up!

Especially during summer these are a great way to generate some cash flow and connect with potential buyers! GO to your customer!

3. Do a live sale.

Get creative. Hop on FB or IG and do a live sale. Market it in a fun way. You can try to sell all your discounted items or your new arrivals. It could even be a "Live Summer Market" that you host AFTER your in-person market/pop-up with all the inventory you have left over!

4. Collaborate.

Find another biz to team up with. Do a giveaway. Use an influencer in a photoshoot or have them rep your product to reach a new audience. Collaborations help you get in front of more people.

5. Do a giveaway!

Speaking of collaboration, do a giveaway to generate some organic reach yourself. Giveaways usually lead to more followers, more engagement, and more sale (yes, I always get sales even when giving away free stuff!)

6. Pay to play.

I don't think ads are for everyone, especially if just starting out and your product(s) may not have demand behind them yet. BUT if I want to get seen by my followers and non-followers, sure, IG, I'll pay to play. Test running some ads to a targeted audience! I see ROI on all my ads, but that wasn't the case in the beginning.

7. New products.

When is the last time you've come up with and released new products? And if you have old inventory lying around, re-launch that product! I promise you Karen did not see your post about that dress 4 weeks ago.

8. Reach out.

Scared to reach out to someone to collab with? Scared to message that boutique to see if you can host a pop-up inside? Scared to put yourself out there in anyway. Put out the vibes. Even if you get a no, it'll eventually lead to a yes.

9. Promos.

I'm NOT one for sales. I rarely run them. But throw up a promotion. Buy X get Y. Or "make a purchase and get a free sticker pack", etc. Do a limited edition product or bundle! Create demand!

10. Be in other places.

Are you on Etsy? Pinterest? FB groups? I don't think you have to be EVERYWHERE, but having another source of traffic is ideal! Find out if there is place that makes sense (that's key, it's gotta make sense for your biz!) to sell your products outside of just IG!

BONUS: test your content. get creative. find out how to get more reach! don't just keep doing the same thing and expect it to work. But also make sure you give things a fair shot and don't keep changing your approach or strategy every 10 seconds.

I hope these tips helped you and gave you an idea to implement for your biz to help generate sales and momentum.

If they did, send me a quick DM or tag me over at @amanda.adamcheck as I'd love to support you!

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