Getting Over the Fear of Judgement

Fear of Judgement. This is something I've been tackling lately. And I want to share what's helped me so so much.

When we want to do something, but we're scared to "jump" and do it, we can likely attribute that due to the fear of other people. "What will they think?" "I'll look dumb." Or do you find yourself stressing over things only because you want to impress other people? Stop Stop Stop! Oh, I wish it was that easy! Here are three things that have really helped me tackle this:

1 // "Who am I do this?"

Do you ever ask yourself that or have a fear other people are judging you, saying "who is she to do that?" "She isn't qualified." "She doesn't have that much experience." But guess what? You ARE doing it. They are NOT. Is there someone better suited to do what you do? Probably. but they aren't. So go do you. You're out there trying to impact the world, your life, your clients' lives. You ARE capable & worthy of all success that comes your way. Because you're DOING and that will get you places.

2 // This is YOUR story.

My friend Cat (check her out here: @NineLivesHealth) once told me (when asking about this very topic), "it's YOUR story. No one else's." It resonated so much with me. When you're scared to share something, posting pictures of yourself on social media, launching your new biz...all of that is for YOU. No one else! If you post something on social or write a blog post and it turns someone off from you...don't fret it! It just wasn't meant for them, and that's totally OK! You'll end up attracting your "tribe" and repelling the people you don't want in your circle anyway. And think of all the people you can help just by being you, sharing your story, and your gift...just think if you didn't because you were scared of what people thought? You'd lose out on so much more.

3 // If someone IS judging's on THEM.

If people really are judging or talking behind your back...every part of that is due to an issue with THEM, not you. Do you ever go to a workout class and think everyone is staring at you? Trust me, no one is. But if they are, and if they are judging you? What kind of person does that make them? And why the heck should you care what they think? You shouldn't! So if you're ever scared to put yourself out there due to fear of judgement of others, think of that.

I really hope that helps tackle any fears you have of judgement. I know it can be uncomfortable and scary to put your business or yourself out there! If you mess up, people likely don't care, don't notice, or love you for it! And just remember, you're inspiring more people than people are judging you.

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