How to survive AND thrive the side hustle life!

Don’t just survive the side hustle, f^ckin THRIVE. ⚡️

This is a pivotal time. It’s the time you’ll be tested again and again. And I know, you’re tired af.

Juggling your 9-5, plus the commute, come home, do the dinner thing, work on your dream, and somehow find the energy to do it all again tomorrow. 😴

Time is your biggest asset, start using it wisely.😉

And if you can’t figure it out now, it won’t get any easier when you go full-time.

Here are some tips from someone who did the side hustle for nearly 2 years.

✔️Plan your week out each Sunday. See my IG highlight for tips. ✔️Show up present in everything you do. Yes you dislike your job, but when you’re at work, just worry about work. ✔️Fight for your why. Keep that front + center. ✔️Outsource anything you can. Food, lawn, cleaning, business stuff. ✔️Invest in yourself. Shorten your learning curve. ✔️ If you’re too busy, demand is high, feeling undervalued, raise your pricing. Take on less work and make more $. ✔️ Focus on revenue generating right now (table all the other ideas for future). What you need is cash flow right now. Get out there, make/curate more product, get your social/website on lock, collab, etc. ✔️ Start tracking your finances to see where the money is coming in/out of. A lot of side hustlers think their making $ until they go do their bookkeeping and wonder where it all went. 😏 ✔️ Get outside. Take care of you. I get all my good ideas when in nature. 🌱 ✔️ ASK FOR HELP. Ask for help before you actually need it. This will allow you to do MORE in less time. I hope these are helpful to y’all. Which one can you do a better job at? Share on social or DM me, I'd love to support you!

dream big + shine bright + get messy,