How To Tap Into Your Creativity

Ever feel like you lack creativity? Get in a rut? Ideas aren't flowing? Here are some tips that may help you channel your creativity:

1 // Practice. Creativity is just like anything else, it needs practice. The more you do it, the easier it gets. Find something small to do every day. And each day you'll find different ways to do it. Take Instagram stories for example. The more you do them, the easier it gets to come up with new ideas and ways to visually tell your story. Essentially train your mind to think more creatively.

2 // Consume the right content. You want to follow the people that HELP your creativity, not shut it off. Creativity is about creating things you enjoy and are original to YOU, not just copying what others are doing. So perhaps follow some people who are outside your industry that help spark your creativity that you can channel into your own. Unfollow anyone who you feel hinders your creativity bug.

3 // Look outside the box. Go on a walk, listen to and look at nature. You'll be surprised at what ignites your creativity when you look UP and not at your phone. Go to a new city, new restaurant, read a new book. NEW things will spark thoughts & creativity.

4 // Get with your tribe. If you're feeling in a rut and need new ideas, go find your best biz bffs and get talkin'. I promise after a few hours with your tribe, you'll come away rejuvenated and with so many good ideas. There's a reason two heads are better than one. And we can't do it all ourselves.

5 // Take a break. Honestly, sometimes all that's needed to get the creative juices flowing is a BREAK. Yes! Take a few hours off, a day off, a week off, whatever it is. STOP consuming content, take a social whatever you need to do to CLEAR your mind. Once your mind is clear of all the noise, you'll start to get those creative downloads.

I hope these little tips help you! Come say hi over on IG: