What I Would Tell Myself If I Was Just Starting My Biz!

I was asked on a call last week what I’d tell myself if I was just starting out...here is what I’d say, looking back.


You don't have to be the best. Or the smartest. You don't have to have all the answers.🤔 You just have to find a market that wants what you sell and figure out a way to stand out.⚡️ That's all. It's what I did. I'm not special. I'm not the best. I just found something I was good at, something in demand and made my products stand out.

Ask yourself these questions... ✍️Look at your industry.  What's missing? What can be done better? ✍️How can you bring a little unique part of YOU into your products? ✍️Does the audience you're trying to market to align with your products? ✍️Why did you create your product/shop to begin with? Was it filling a void you had? Were you creating something you wish existed? That means there are people out there who wish/want the same thing. I started out with quick turnarounds on Etsy because I WAS the that last minute shopper and not many were offering it. I created a simple local tee because I wanted something cute to wear to a sports game that wasn't pink (but y'all know I love my pink). It's not all that complex. You just need a market for your products and demand. Sometimes, the demand is already there. Sometimes you have to create it (that's where messaging + branding comes into play, but we'll talk about that tomorrow 😏).


Branding is summed up these days as so many things. But to me, it's essentially a way to communicate very quickly to a person what you're all about. ⬇️

It's how you attract your tribe of people who are more likely to buy your products. There's no sense in trying to sell to the bargain hunter if you're selling $50 graphic tees. They aren't your people.

This can happen VISUALLY. 👀 When they come across you IG page, website, your shop at a pop-up, they are like "AHH THIS IS SO ME, I love #allthingspink, let me take a look." I find this incredibly important on social media.

This can happen through MESSAGING.🗣 My girl @arrivemarket is a great example of someone who clearly communicates who her ideal customer is by educating and making ethical fashion FUN. This can happen through your CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.👩🏻‍💻 My girl @anatomy.of.a.home is the perfect example. She makes her packaging feel like a gift from your bff and unboxing is a part of her experience...so much joy in receiving your item in the mail.

This can happen through your PRODUCTS.🛍 Take the tiny little heart I add to a lot of my tees...helps me stand out and has become a staple to my brand. People see it out and about and know they know it was @kilohandco 🖤

If you can identify who your target customer is (specifically), what makes you stand out (in your own way)+ how to communicate with those people (and where)....you've got the foundation set. ⚡️


So to wrap up my little 3-part blog on what I'd tell myself when I was just starting out... That after laying the foundations (go back and read the last two posts), aka after the soil is the pot and the seed is planted...🌱 ...you still have to water the plant. You have to nurture it to grow. Sometimes you have to move it away from or closer to the sun.☀️ Basically a round about way to say that you have to be PATIENT and PIVOT sometimes. ✨Nurture your audience...aka put out consistent content. ✨Nurture your buyers...aka create an amazing customer experience. ✨And MOST importantly...nurture your mind. Invest in yourself and your biz. That 6 months of alignment can put you five years ahead. For real thooo. It's why I've invested all of the dollarssss to educate myself.

And sometimes, we're knee deep in the weeds of our day-to-day, we can't get that next idea or find ourselves in a rut. And we need someone (a mentor or biz bff) or something (an event, a podcast, mastermind) to spark something within us and help guide us when we don't know where the eff to go or what to do next (we've all been there, who's there now??). It's why I preach #messyaction and being the scientist in your biz. Everything I talk about on social right now is everything I wish I knew when I first started. I hope you enjoyed this little series and the other content I put out. I'm amping it up for the summer, and I truly hope it helps you in some way. Big or small. ⚡️ NEXT ONLINE SHOP JUMPSTART PROGRAM BEGINS LATE AUGUST 2019! Head here: https://www.amandaadamcheck.com/services to learn more and APPLY!