Why not experimenting in your biz is keeping you small.

Are you the scientist in your biz?

How many of you are out there testing things?

I do ALL the time. For my own business and to test things out to help guide clients. How will I ever know what works for ME, if I don't TRY.

You may have heard "HOW" to do things from others online, or books, podcasts. And they teach what has worked for THEM! Which is GOOD, and you can learn from it, but it doesn't always mean that's what will work for YOU!

With my clients, I will certainly tell you how I got to where I am, and what strategies work, and what doesn't. But I will always caveat that it doesn't mean it will work for YOU.

But TRY it and see what happens.

There's also this thing called the JOURNEY. And what works for someone as a beginner may not be what works for them a few years in! Your strategies will shift as you grow. I recently had a client worry about posting non-professional images. I said, try posting the cell phone image. Obviously make sure it's decent and on-brand (I still think visuals are SUPER important in the beginning), but mix it some of the more real/raw photos in with your professional ones and see what happens. Test it. She had gotten the most likes/comments on it compared to the others. What if she never TRIED it, just to see? I was not really into flatlays and thought (key word there: THOUGHT!) my Kiloh + Co. online boutique audience wanted more lifestyle photos. I randomly posted a flatlay and y'all....they started getting the most engagement. Did some digging....and lifestyle content just isn't the top performing for my brand right now. Maybe in future, maybe I'll test more of it again. But had I not tried something new, I'd NEVER figure that out. So now I mix in more flatlays and it's actually easier content to produce than lifestyle. Everyone's too worried about "what if I don't get as many Instagram likes" or this "doesn't look perfect" that you're afraid to experiement and try. You're afraid to hit send and test it out. And yeah, it could suck, and you could fail. BUT it could also be a success and what works. And you're gonna limit that...because you're scared to test things out? Girl, I'm calling you out. So go have fun. Go experiment. Analyze. Pivot. Find what works and capitalize on that. And never ever get complacent. Ya'll enjoy this post? Sharing is caring y'all. Screenshot and tag me if this spoke to you!

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