Hello boutique owner, Etsy seller, online product shop owner! Want to level up your shop and make MORE sales online? Ready to get your mindset and marketing in check? 

...but you have NO CLUE what to do next or how to do it all? I feel you girl.

IMAGINE IF.... feel SO DANG CONFIDENT in your business and self that just vibing higher elevates your biz? know EXACTLY who you're targeting online because you've got a well-defined niche.

....your product selection is on point, speaks directly to your ideal customer and helps you bring in more $. knew exactly what makes you stand out online AND how to visually represent your brand in a way that attracts more loyal buyers and sales. had a plan for your content and an exact strategy that works FOR YOU, so you no longer feel lost on social. start to sell more of your products on social because your IG story game is consistent and on-brand AF!


You had someone helping you along the way. To support you, to figure out all of this biz stuff, make it simple and easy to implement and help you get past those mental roadblocks we ALL face.

You also had the support of other women going through the SAME thing, a tribe of like-minded bada** women ready to level up their biz too.

If this sounds like a HELL YES and you're READY.


Then Online Shop Jumpstart (OSJ) is ready for YOU.

1:1 support

You'll get 12 LIVE weekly calls with the group to review, get feedback, ask questions, and help take your biz to the next level, ALL while learning from others in the group.

you learn

Each week, you'll get access to a module with videos to learn all about each week's content, PLUS 8+ bonus content modules you get access to RIGHT away, AND each month there is a live BONUS CALL with a special guest!

you do the work

You'll receive weekly "homework" assignments which is where you actually DO the work on what you learned so that you can start to IMPLEMENT into your business. 

on-going support + community

You'll get access to Slack, an app and communication tool where you can ask for advice or questions at ANY time to get the support you need! This is also a place where the GROUP gets to support one another, celebrate wins and so much more!


If you answered YES to multiple of those above, then Jumpstart can help you!

I am so so ready to support you over the next 12 weeks. This program is truly magical, if you show up and do the work. Just like some of these ladies who have showed up for themselves and their biz.....



And if you're reading this and wondering if you'll ever make this work.


Girl, I FEEEEL you. For real. I've been there.


Starting out with maybe $100 in sales on Etsy to my highest months ever, just over $30k in less than two years. It CAN happen.

I know what it's like to hear CRICKETS and I know what its like to be BURIED in so many orders you're SO overwhelmed and burnt out.

And if you're not on Etsy or wondering how you can build your brand off Etsy, I've done that too!


I've successfully built a six figure maker business ON Etsy and a six figure online boutique OFF Etsy!


And whether you're a maker, an online shop, or boutique...I want to help YOU achieve your goals. Whether it's some solid part-time income or reaching six figures one day yourself.

And I'd love to help guide you in your journey.

If you're ready to hit that next level, or finally try and makes this biz into legit income, I invite you to apply. Let's chat!